Hi, this is going to be messy, probably short and really fucking confusing. Because im confused too. I haven’t wrote in a while, I have things in my drafts I need to post but can’t. Because they’re unfinished, like a lot of things in my life at the minuet. 

Right now i NEED to write because it calms me down, so if your reading this. Prepare for a weird one and things that will probably frazzle your brain. I just need to talk. For someone to read this. And hopefully understand me. 

As you probably know, I like this. I like talking about things, helping people, listening to others. But have found myself in this awful mindset the past month. And sat thinking, maybe I don’t have anyone. Maybe I’m not okay. Maybe I lied when I said I was recovered. 

I feel really weak, and helpless. And have been having the worst thoughts. That not even my family know about. 

My mum…. she hates me writing this blog, and doing youtube. Because she owns a salon, and people like to talk. Some clients think im weird. And ask my mum “is SHE okay?” Or “did YOU know your daughter speaks about those things” 

I value that. Thank-you for being ‘concerned’ 

But this is my way of dealing things. 

I write because, trust me. It’s HELPED people. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Not for people to feel sorry for me, and think gosh she’s brave. 

It’s because I once had nobody. And now… feel very similar. 

It’s weird. Because, I know. I have people. But who actually listens. Look around. Do they listen. Or only listen when it’s serious. 

I don’t know. 

I told my mum today I’d been having and when I say horrible thoughts I mean… you know.  Horrible thoughts. 

I only told her because she was begging. And knew something was wrong. 

I told her I didn’t want to scare her. And I cried. Me… CRIED. It takes a lot to make me cry. 

She didn’t. Because. My mum. Is so strong. 

She just held my hand and said, “okay, what’s made you go back like this… remember how far you’ve come” 

I dont know what has made me go back to this awful place in my head, but theres a few things i can pin point. And I’m going to be really honest. Coming home has made me realise. I have three people I would class as good friends. And I’ve never felt more alone. I’ve never had that many friends, but I thought i had more than three. 

These people have shown interest and care, in my mental health. And not just been there for the time being. 

Anyway. That’s not that important. It’s just bugging me…

Eating… I know most of you are probably wondering about that. And for now. I’m going to keep that to myself. Because, let me just tell you, another eating disorder is to much hard work. (Please see the funny side of this because I’m trying too) it’s HARD. But I’m distracting myself. So far so good. 

I’m in a really dark place at the moment. And today I had to drag myself out of bed. I’m struggling. And didn’t think I ever would be like this again. I’m scared. And feel pretty helpless. Determined to not go back on anti d. But that may be the only option at the moment. 

Lots of love. 

And thankyou to anyone who has messaged me. 

This post isn’t aimed at anyone in piticlar. And i hope people don’t take offence to this. I just need someone at the moment. 

Jess  xx

17 things I would tell my 17 year old self.

number one.

Your body needs you. You are still developing. Nobody’s body is going to look the same, your friend who is 5’2 is GOING to look different in that size 6 dress. Try your hardest to love your body, never look in the mirror and cry. Your body is a temple. Admire your body like you admire that models body. Throwing up will make your body looks worse. People will start to notice soon. Stop before its too late. Your body needs you…

number two

STAY THE FUCK IN COLLEGE. As soon as you leave here, you have to be more mature, you HAVE to find a full time job. You can do this. A couple more months and your hard work will pay off. Stay focused. Don’t listen to anyone else. Make your own decision about this, but please. Stay in college.

number three

Remove yourself from unhealthy friendships. Just walk away. Delete. And block.

number four

The people that were once nasty to you, will say sorry. And they will feel bad. The people that write horrible things about you all over social media, will crawl back into your life and try and lick your ass. Make sure you tell them to FUCK OFF. These people made the scars on your arms, and the reason you were in hospital. Always remember this. Do not let them back into your life. They are not your friends.

number five

Smoking is not cool. You’re going to get hooked on ciggys and spend way to much money on them. Stop doing it to fit in.

number six (linked to number one and number four)

You will get better Jess. Your eating disorder does not define who you are. Stop trying to hide it from people, you need serious help. Stop denying it to everyone, your ruining your health. Think of the future. DO you want children? DO you want thick hair? DO you want good skin? PLEASE listen to yourself. You got this. These people that take the piss out of you, will soon praise you. You’ll write a blog, and they will message you saying “I didn’t realise” or “it was a joke”. They will say “people look up to you” Say thank-you. And again, walk away.

number seven

Your “father” is everyone your mum told you he would turn out to be. He will let you down again. Do not fall for his gifts and money. Your step dad is your REAL father.

number eight

FUCK what men say, if you want to wear it. fucking wear it. if you want to skateboard fucking do it. also… keep freeing that nipple.

number nine

SORT YOUR FUCKING WARDROBE OUT. You don’t need all those clothes, give them to charity. Stop holding onto things that don’t fit you. You don’t need 49 pairs of shoes. GET RID OF THAT AWFUL YMCMB TOP.

number ten

Your going to go to Amsterdam, and your going to fall in love with travelling. Start saving NOW. It will help in the future. Promise.

number eleven

Don’t be scared about your sexuality. Vaginas are cool.

number twelve

You do have good friends, and you will do the most amazing things with them, Amsterdam, paris, Ibiza, a million festivals. Just chill. Being 18 isn’t THAT good.

number thirteen

Raves are the one. FUCK TOWN. Save your pennies for WHP.

number fourteen

Go to the doctors, its not okay to scream at yourself in the mirror, pull your hair and have horrible thoughts. They WILL help you, its okay to not be okay. You are normal, just stop panicking. They will give you therapy. And you will learn how to control your anger, thoughts, and yourself in general. You will LOVE yourself one day.

number fifteen

Your family love you, they are not against you.

number sixteen

your going to have you heartbroken. and its going to fucking hurt. the worst pain you’ve ever felt. your going to want to go backwards. but don’t. keep pushing. it gets better. nothing stays the same forever. have time to yourself, find yourself. be with your best mates. find a hobby. leave that toxic relationship behind.


your best years are still to come, 2016 will be the best year of your life. just you wait geary!



If this title got your attention, your right up my street so keep reading! Converse are a MUST have in your trainer collection, whatever your style is, you need a pair of converse. I am not one for the plain white treds, never have been. So if your looking to stand out from the crowd, and make a fashion statement, these shoes are the one for you.

My Comme des Garçons converse are the best purchase I have ever made, so this post is going to be a bit on how I style mine. Hope you enjoy!


First ever time I wore these after buying them BEFORE Christmas, was with my beloved Topshop suit. I was terrified to wear these out because I did NOT want to get them dirty at all. I absolutely love the tailored suit and trainer combo, I’ve always thought it looks so cool and effortless. Plus I hate wearing heels so its a winner. Got SO many compliments on my outfit on this night, if your wanting to look nice, but also comfy, defiantly go for something like this. My Topshop suit isn’t available any more, so ill link some others that are like it! P.S you could wear ANY coloured suit with this, I just thought the royal blue made everything come together a lot easier.

FullSizeRender (1)

SUIT LINKS- http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/suits-co-ords-4062329/tailored-suit-co-ord-6345792?bi=0&ps=20&bundle=true (THIS ONE IS ON MY WISHLIST!! SUIT SIZE 6)

EARINGS- PRIMARK (around £1.50!!)


80s & 90s INSPIRED

This is my go 2 outfit, wanna go shopping…?

this outfit

cba make and effort…?

this outfit

wanna get drunk…?

this outfit.

Put three wardrobe must haves together… and ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



GOSHA T SHIRT- https://www.hervia.com/mens-c2/clothing-c79/t-shirts-vests-c8/gosha-rubchinskiy-gosha-rubchinskiy-white-flag-print-t-shirt-p16633?clickref=145656846&utm_source=Webgains&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=74409 (Mens medium)

VINTAGE LEVIS- COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND THESE ANYWHERE, I originally got them from Vulgar vintage in Sheffield. Size 25 waist x


Felt like a baddie in this yesterday! Always make sure you have good pair of trousers in your wardrobe, I always size up in my trousers as I think the baggy look is a lot more easier to style than fitted. I got these in the sale at Topshop around New Year so 100% sure they wont be around any more, however there are so many styles similar. Try ASOS, or even depop. As you may have guessed, I wear a lot more of mens clothes than I do girls, mens section is so much easier to shop in, and cooler if I honest. A$AP top is from urban outfitters mens again in January, so ill try find something similar. AND MY AMAZING JACKET, is from House of CB which by the way, if you haven’t got this, please purchase it because its the best thing you will EVER do.

TOP- https://www.amazon.co.uk/P-Rocky-Modified-White-T-Shirt-Large-x/dp/B01N5Q1RHS/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1492021517&sr=8-13&keywords=a+ap+rocky+clothing (couldn’t find my exact one on UO so here’s one from amazon! I got my T in a mens medium)

TROUSERS- http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/trousers-leggings-4075710/high-waisted-cigarette-trousers-6470092?bi=0&ps=20 (Again not my exact ones but something similar. I chose mine in an 8 so they were abit more slouchy! )

COAT- http://www.houseofcb.com/ambra-white-fluffy-faux-fur-jacket.html (size XS)

Hope you enjoyed reading this, am going to be doing and Ibiza haul before I leave, hopefully that will give you all some groovy ideas!!

Lots of love

Jess xxxx


Important tips to recovery and being happy 

One of my most asked questions are “how do I recover from an eating disorder” or “how do I be as happy as you” so thought is put them in a blog post for all you to see and hopefully make you happy !!! 

I think one of the reasons why I come across as a really happy person is coz I literally don’t give a shit about what people think of me, like i hear of people who I have NEVER spoken to in my life slagging me off and saying they hate me. When I actual fact I don’t have a clue who they are and I just get on with it. If someone doesn’t like you let them not like you. I also get people saying to me do you my get scared people will judge you for what you post? My answer is do I FUCK. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and trust me ive been through my fair share of mates and now I don’t care. I post what I like and what I want. The people that seem to not like it… still follow me….I see you home dog 👀👀 JUST BE YOURSELF. Be happy you are here and alive. The world is amazing and you were put here to do something amazing with it. Don’t waste your short time here being a sheep!! 

I think everyone’s recovery methods are different and one of my favorites was thinking about the future. So I always used to think, when I’m a cool old lady covered in tattoos with a fit as fuck ex dj husband what will I remember? The times I used to be sick and take lax? Or the times I went ravin and did crazy shit…. when I was really poorly I didn’t want to do any crazy shit. So instead of making good memories I was making my nightmares. You have to stop and think what you want. If you don’t want to recover you won’t. Have the right mindset. Always. Wake up and set mini goals. I still do this now. Like a little to do list. Start with little things, like for example mine used to be, gym only twice this week etc. Get your head into a routine. 

People with eating disorder have an addictive personality. So as said in train spotting get addicted to something else. Not heroin though. I got focused on saving up and going to as many events as I could. And if I purged I’d sell my ticket. It’s like rewarding yourself. Get addicted to yoga, baking. Anything. 

Get rid of your shitty relationship if your unhappy. Fuck them off. If they ain’t motivating you or making you happy BIN it. Will be shit but it’s worth it. Go out with your mates as much as possible, or even start doing stuff on your own. Be independent. Don’t feel like you need anyone. Coz you don’t. If they really love and want you. They will come back. Let them do the chase. But have time to discover yourself. Book Ibiza and do a season. Like I’m doing. Do things for you!! Not anyone else. Oh and trust me when ya bin that shitty relationship with a lad that still lives off his mum and dads money and wanks into a dirty sock YOUR SKIN CLEARS UP SO MUCH. Hehe.

Go to raves. And dance to music you fuckin love. NOUT BETTER THAN GOIN TO A RAVE WHEN YA FEELING SHITTY. You meet the best people there. Even go to them on your phone coz trust us ya meet a load of people who are all there for a canny good time!!! Plus dancing makes you happy anyway. My fave thing to do when I’m feeling shitty is book an event. Gives you somethig to look forward to and get excited about. 

Little short one but I want to help you ALL and these things proper helped me. 

Love yous xxxx

Why I’m the happiest ive ever been.

So obviously, if you’ve been following my blog or instagram for a while, you’d know, I’ve not had the easiest of times in my life. But let’s face it, life in general is NOT easy. If life was easy, it would be boring. And I’m certainly not boring. The past couple of months especially have been really tough for me. And I knew I had to change something about my life. OR A  COUPLE. So instead of saying to myself, I’ll do that tomorrow, I got up one day for work and said to myself. “Today, im going to do it” 

SO, let’s start by saying, if you have a person or PEOPLE in your life, that always try and bring you down whenever something good happens to you. remove them. not just on social media, but your life. So I had a couple of ‘friends’ that would roll their eyes when I would tell them about my photoshoots. And they would make me feel bad for being proud of myself. The same ‘friends’ I would hear talking about new behind my back. The same ‘friends’ I’d let borrow my clothes… tell them secrets… involve them in my life. Well i realised. Life is TOO short to have negative people like this in your life. So I went ahead, and decided. it was best to just be civil with these people. Deleted them off social media. and that was step one. After knowing they physically could not see what I was doing, or me see what they were doing made me feel better. Now I don’t want people to confuse this with me being horrible, because I’m not. But as you grow up, you realise friends… GOOD friends support you through everything. I’m no angel in this, but it’s made me realise how I’ve been a bad friend in the past. and how negative people in a positive persons life, just don’t work.

As you may know, I’ve had a shit relationship with food and body image in the past. And to be honest, I was getting tired of my relapses. I knew there was something triggering me. I went to the doctors for a check up, and they weighed me. and for the first time in THREE YEARS. I wanted to hear what I weighed… I felt ready to hear, what used to be, a scary number. My doctor said “jess are you sure? I’m proud of you for asking that!” and I said yes… she told me. and to my surprise I felt fine. I felt happy? 

So this was the WEIRDEST situation of my life by the way, and if you know me personally you will know how weird it was for me! I just sat there and said “okay” 

I figured the thing triggering me, was comparing myself to others. constantly. and honestly since I have started instead of comparing, EMBRACING other girls bodies. I’ve been so happy. So right now, I’m at the highest weight ive ever been at, which is really weird because I’m still a size 6? This THEN made me realise. all sizes come in different shapes? I’m obviously not going to look the same size 6 as a 5’1 girl… because im really tall. my body shape is different. I also found out after getting some advice that muscle weighs more than fat! Right now. I LOVE my body. I’m not ashamed to say that at all. I’ve grown some nice little boobs, and my bum has gone nice and squishy. I actually have a bit of curves going on, which I’ve NEVER had. And i can look in the mirror and be happy. I’m not going to lie and say I eat junk all the time because I don’t. I do try my best and eat good. I don’t diet at all. and I’ve only just started LIGHTLY working out again. I don’t feel the need to diet. I love food now again and im happy with that. all body shapes are SO beautiful. and I’m so happy that I’ve finally overcome that horrible relapse stage. I’m hoping my mind stays nice and focused now.

MY SKIN WENT REALLY REALLY BAD FOR A COUPLE OF WEEK. and that did NOT help my confidence. So I started with a skin care routine. and GUYS im not just saying this, my skin has gone SO much better. I’ve been using ddermolgica(I think that’s how you spell it) and it is AMAZING. I also am TRY ING to quit smoking and I think that has a lot to do with my skin clearing up. the thing is I HATE water. and I know to make your skin good your meant to drink water. but I physically can not stand it. So I’ve been making myself drink a cup a day ( I know that’s not much) but it really has helped!! 

Girls, seriously. you do not need a boyfriend/girlfriend they bloody drain you. I think one of the reasons im really happy at the minuet is because I’ve had time to find myself, and be myself. don’t get me wrong relationships can be good, but you need YOU time. I’ve had all this free time to do ME. and it’s been great. I’ve stopped trying to find a relationship. because let’s be honest, shopping on your own is much more fun… but in all seriousness. stop trying to find something, if it’s meant to be. it will come your way. being young and dumb is just as important as trying to find a relationship. 

So I guess the main factors of this are. 





hope this helped ur positivity abit. 

Love jess xxxx


Let me begin by saying I did not think two weeks before my 20th birthday I would be writing a post like this. And I am so embarrassed at this, however I’ve always been so honest and I always want to try and help others. There’s a lot of things that have unfortunately happened in my life all at once recently, and I’ve been struggling to find something that makes me happy. A lot of big changes are going to happen in my life now, some things I don’t want to change. but I know that I have to. I’m not going to go into to much detail because it’s pretty gory and to be honest I don’t think people will really want to read about such a depressing thing, but it’s not spoke about enough. And hopefully me writing this will bring other people to speak up. 

I got into an argument on Friday with someone I care about so much. This person (for various reasons) has recently had to leave my life. And I’ve been finding it so difficult without them. Our bond was becoming unhealthy for the both of us. I went to visit this person and instead of talking about things, we ended up really going at eachother. Now I have struggled with mental health issues since I was 13, and my imitate reaction in situations like this is to hurt myself. I have not self harmed since I was 15 years old. Unfortunately on Friday this all changed. I decided to cut all of my wrists. Very badly. I hurt myself that bad ive had to have stitches in my arm. I’ve done things like this before but never that bad. I spent my night in A&E. Some people may be reading this and think WHY!? WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO HURT THEM SELF LIKE THAT. I completely understand that some people may find it extremely difficult to understand. but for others, they might get me. When I have this mindset nothing hurts me. I scare myself so much. Especially when I have time to calm down and realise what I have done. 

It was one of the scariest night of my life, but the worst was having to tell my mum and listen to her cry. I’ve put my whole family through hell and back since I was a teenager, and my mum thought that I was better. I thought i was better. But I’m not. My mum is so scared im going to do something silly again, and I feel awful for putting her through this. She just wants me to be happy. But being happy is seeming to become a very big challenge at the moment for me. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is motivating me to be happy. I know some people may say that I’m being selfish. But I’m not, I’m not in the right state of mind at all. I’m trying my very hardest to focus on different things. I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to be vegan and ive read so many things that going vegan can really help your mind set. I really, REALLY want to set up a support group for people struggling with mental health, or just want someone to talk too. I think when you know you can confine in someone it’s eaiser to talk about things. 

I think the whole point of this blog post is to say, you do not know what the happiest of people are going through. Be kind to everyone. Because everyone is fighting some sort of battle. Big or small. Im so done with toxic people in my life, and that has meant deleting people. If someone doesnt inspire you to do well with your life. REMOVE THEM. ‘Friends’ who only talk to you when they want something are not your friends. If all you do is argue with your partner, take a step back. Do you really want all this added stress and sadness to your life? Talking about things makes everything a lot easier. Share your problems with people that care about you, don’t bottle them up. Self harm is not acceptable in anyway. It ruins everything. I’m going to have these awful scars on my arms for the rest of my life, this could effect modelling, getting a new job or in general lower my confidence. Find other ways to distract yourself. I’m trying so hard to find something to help me. Keep smiling. Everything will get better. And if ANYONE wants to talk about things like this, slide into my DMS X 

20 things I have learnt in 20 years

It’s my 20th birthday in 2 weeks, I’ve been bed bound and have been meaning to write for a while now.

I’ve been SO down for a various amount of things recently and one of the only things that seem to cheer me up is writing. And you all seem to really enjoy reading them for some strange reason because its actually just me gobbling on about how shite life can be sometimes. So I thought WHAT BETTER WAY TO SPEND MY TIME THEN WRITE A LIST OF THINGS I HAVE LEARNT OVER 20 YEARS. (this is basically going to be a list of my mistakes shhhh)

  1. Keep your clothes.

Seriously, however old you are, keep them. If you didn’t know I frigging LOVE fashion, and its one thing that has always really interested me. It can be a bad interest at time, as all of my wages go on new clothes. But at the same time, its such an amazing industry to love and be interested in. So at home, the spare room is my wardrobe. And I am lucky enough to have a LARGE amount of clothes, shoes and things in-between. Unless they don’t fit me, or have a stain that wont budge, I DO NOT SELL OR THROWN AWAY MY CLOTHES. I always find a way to make something work, for example, my grandma recently found an outfit of mine that I wore when I was 3. I amazingly fit into it, and the pattern on it was SO cool. She was going to put it away, and I was like I could make that into some groovy garms. So I did, I made it into a two piece. I also have clothes I bought when I was young, say 14, that I’ve made into different items, and all look so cool. However I have a really bad thing for thinking thinks are going to come back in fashion.If all else fails, and your shite with a sewing machine, or don’t have enough space. Depop is a blessing guys.

2. If he likes you, he will call you.

This is something I am STILL learning to get my head around. Boys are very strange at times, and can give off a lot of mixed signals. Don’t let somebody make you feel your not good enough, 90% of young people are constantly on their phones, so if he can not find 2 seconds out of his very important day to text you back, don’t bother. But honestly, if he doesn’t text you back for days, and doesn’t call when he says he will. He’s not interested. Do NOT wait around for anybody. Do NOT carry on texting him. The sooner us girls learn that, the better. If your abit of a fruit loop like me, you will just have to wait for somebody who can handle your fruit loopyness I guess… (same goes for girls too guys, it works both ways)

3. Boys in bands are always a good idea, just don’t date one.

Seen as though were on the topic of the male species, if he’s a musician guaranteed he’ll be fun and make your vagina cry. But he’ll also make your life a living hell. Have fun with one, but don’t get emotionally attached to one, they’re all lil devils in disguise… it’s very easy to get used to having someone sing to you, and write songs about you, and get matching tattoos with you (which by the way I don’t really regret this tattoo, its pretty cool tbh). DONT DO IT GUYS IM TELLING YOU IT DRIVES YOU INSANE. (no harsh feelings on this one, I’m trying to be nice here, so don’t get offended)

4. Girls will never grow up.

This one is so hard, and I wish sometimes girls would just open their eyes and stop being so fucking bitchy to one another. But they will never grow up. If your in school or collage and think when you leave they start being nice. DONT THINK THAT, COZ IM 20 AND STILL HEARING MY NAME COME OUT OF GIRLS MOUTHS IVE NEVER SPOKE TO. Just keep to yourself, and only bitch when you REALLY have too… coz lets be honest we all love a good bitch every now and again.

5. Having a bad breakup with someone will change you as a person.

Not going to go much into this, just know your not alone. It gets so much easier. Just be strong. Keep yourself busy. Block their number, if they want you, they will find a way to get you.


Do it, just go. Even if you go on your own, just do it. Its the most amazing place in the whole world. And you will meet so many amazing people, and make the most amazing memories. You will not regret going here.

7. Don’t be a physco.

One of the main thing I have learnt in my 20 years on this planet is DO NOT BE A PHYSCO. See unfortanley for me, I actually can not help being like that. But I am slowly but surely learning to be CALM in situations and TALK instead of screaming. I’m actually sat here laughing at some of the things I have done before, I scare myself sometimes. But anyone, boys don’t like it and it just pushes them away. I was with someone who id met ONCE before and they looked me in the eye and said “you look like a physco you” I think its my eyes… deffo my eyes.

8. Speak about your sexuality.

Like anything it gets easier when you talk about things, I’m quite an open person so always found it really easy to talk about. Never be scared to tell someone how you feel.

9. And mental health.

Again, something ive not always been honest about. I hid my eating disorder and depression for so long, all I can say is, it got so much easier when I was honest about it. If your not honest, you cant help yourself, let alone expect others to help you.

10. Spend time with your family.

I’m always busy, and recently me being ill ive had time to actually sit down with my family. It’s important to listen to them, they always give the best advice. Whether you want to hear it or not, they’re always right. They know you best.

11. Go places on your own, explore a new place on your own.

Even if you’ve never been to Manchester on your own, just get on a train and explore it on your own. You find cool places, and feel a lot more independent. Just keep yourself busy to keep yourself away from toxic people. One of my favourite things to do is get a train into a new city and SHOP, find cool vintage shops etc. Its so fun. The thought of getting lost is so fun to me. Maybe coz I’m a massive weirdo…

12. Buy a good pair of shoes.

I bought an expensive pair of Chelsea boots nearly 4 years ago and they have lasted me until now. INVEST in something expensive so it lasts you.Plus a good pair of shoes will take you to very good places.

13. Your just having a bad day, you DONT have a bad life.

Don’t need to elaborate on this one. Just read and think.

14. Your body will always change.

You will not look the same as you did last year, embrace this. You will always be beautiful in your own way. Never feel like you have to look a certain way.

15. Get a tattoo.

I never thought I would ever get tattoos, and then I got my first one, and they are honestly such a good way to express your feelings. I love all of mine so much. Always think about them first though make sure your 100% sure that’s what you want.

16. Write down important dates.


17. Go to the doctors.

Even just for a check up, make sure you go.

18. On that point, don’t go to hard with the partying.

Because you could end up like myself with a scare on my kidneys and on a million different antibiotics.

19. Make people laugh.

Your mind, is much more attractive then your physical features. Well I think so, I always find it so attractive when someone can make you really laugh and smile. Be that person.

20. Don’t change for anyone, love yourself.

Make sure you look in the mirror and COMPLIMENT yourself. Its good to like the way you look.